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You would like to have the design of Windows 11 but your PC do not support the requirements or you do not want to update yet?
ElevenMizer (Lite) modifies your Windows 10 system files so it get the new style of Windows 11. Lite, because today "only" the icons will be modified what already means over 300 new icons in more than 70 files. Also the program backups the original system files and all changes can be undone by simply uninstalling.

ElevenMizer is available for Windows 10 for 32bit and 64bit version.


This application modifies your system files, this can lead to unexpected problems or total breakdown of Windows!
Please read the FAQ first for any issues!



Size: 9.398.474 Bytes / 9.178 KB / 9 MB

Changes 1.0.10 (2023-06-18)

  • New Icons from version 25393
  • Further files get modified

Thank you for using my applications. If you like the software and use it regularly, I would be thankful for a donation! Your donation will support the development of new features and help to keep up a continuous software maintenance.



Problem - ElevenMizer was successful installed but after a reboot the new icons are not visible
It can happen that the Icon Cache get not cleared completely, please use the link "Reset Icon Cache" and restart your PC. That should fix the issue.
Problem - After the monthly Windows Updates some or most of the icons are in the old style. How can I get back to the new design?
Windows Updates replaced the modified files! To get the new design please use the link "Data Rebuild" to modify the new files again. After a restart everything should be in the new design again.
Problem - After installation I have problems with different applications. How can I solve this?
Install the application that has issues again or use the reparation of it. If it still not works, you need to uninstall my application.